Ottobre Design 4/2015 Girl Dress 1

EMJB0670-2I’ve made two dresses from this Ottobre Design pattern. Ottobre is a Finnish sewing magazine that I really enjoy: I like the Scandinavian style of their clothe and the quirky prints on their fabrics. They are easy to wear clothes, which is so important for kids. You want them to enjoy putting their clothes on and wearing them without worrying if they will be comfortable enough to play and move. Ottobre offers simple and efficient designs that are easy to wear and enjoyable to sew.








EMJB0672-2For my first “out of Harm’s Way” dress, I’ve chosen a warm fleece fabric from Backstitch. The dress is REALLY warm. I’ve also chosen a funny print woven fabric (that my daughter chose, also at Backstitch) to make the pockets.









EMJB0671-2The only tricky thing with this pattern is the collar piece that is much shorter than the total length of the neckline on the dress. This was done on purpose, but the fleece fabric was less stretchy than the recommended jersey fabric. But with intensive pinning and stretching, I managed to make it match AND my daughter’s head is fitting through! (what a relief, I can tell you!)

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