Christmas countdown

Christmas countdown has started since October, here in Cambridge. Even before Halloween, you could find mince pies at Sainsbury’s! I find it a bit bizarre, to have Halloween and Christmas lights and decorations side by side… So I’ve waited until the official first weekend of the Advent to start decorating the house if Christmas things.

Today, I wanted to share with you something I discovered when I was living in Stuttgart: the advent wreath. I’ve always loved them since then, but it’s only this year that I’ve decided to make my own!

I bought a wreath ready-made with Christmas tree (fake) branches and some candles and other bits at Tiger. I made the dried orange slices last year, so it was about time to use them!

I arranged all the bits and bobs until I was happy with the way the wreath looked, and then got my glue gun out. I used lots of glue under my candles, to make sure they won’t collapse. However, I don’t consider it safe enough to leave unattended while burning!

So here it is! I’m now really happy with my table centerpiece!

EMJB0624-2 EMJB0647-2 EMJB0625-2

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